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In January 2023 this journal is back online with a new domain and was able to retrieve Vol 4, therefore the volume was back issued.</strong></p> <p>This journal publishes original academic research on the main topics in communication studies, we welcome academics that would like to contribute to the sub-topic of communication studies including mass media studies, new media studies, film studies, interpersonal communication studies, group communication studies, organization communication studies, political communication studies, public relations studies, etc.</p> Departement of Communication Sciences, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UIM en-US Journal of Communication Sciences (JCoS) 2654-8755 <ul class="license-properties col-md-offset-2 col-md-8" dir="ltr"> <li class="license by"> <p><strong>Attribution</strong> — You must give <a id="appropriate_credit_popup" class="helpLink" tabindex="0" title="" href="" data-original-title="">appropriate credit</a>, provide a link to the license, and <a id="indicate_changes_popup" class="helpLink" tabindex="0" title="" href="" data-original-title="">indicate if changes were made</a>. 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This research also wants to reveal the supporting and inhibiting factors in the implementation of the strategy. This type of research is descriptive research with a qualitative approach. Data were collected using interviews and observation methods. The results showed that the promotional strategy of the manager of the Rammang-rammang tourist area in increasing tourist visits after the Covid -9 pandemic was Word of Mouth, promotion through the use of social media, panoramic documentary videos of the Rammang-rammang tourist area. Some of the things that support the implementation are adequate road infrastructure, awareness, and partnerships. Other factors include supporting technomateriality. While the inhibiting factors are accommodation infrastructure, facilities, and services. In addition, field findings show that there is an internal conflict factor in the management which is an obstacle to the implementation of marketing strategies. </em></p> Anaam Maruf Nahdiana Nahdiana Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Communication Sciences (JCoS) 2024-06-22 2024-06-22 6 2 10.55638/jcos.v6i2.1110 ANALISIS RESEPSI LIRIK LAGU “33x” DARI PERUNGGU (STUDI KASUS PADA BASIS PENGGEMAR MERUNGGU) <p><em>This study aims to discover (1) how the Merunggu fan base perceives and interprets</em><em> the messages conveyed in the song '33x' by Perunggu.</em><em>&nbsp;(2) </em><em>What are the supporting factors influencing the Merunggu fan base in their reception of the song '33x' by Perunggu?</em><em> I</em><em>n this research, data analysis is conducted utilizing the reception analysis method. Data obtained from interviews will be categorized based on the following decoding types: </em><em>a) Hegemonic-Dominant Position. </em><em>b) Negotiated Position. </em><em>c) Oppositional Position. </em><em>The interview results will be analyzed and employed as the foundation for this study's conclusions. The results of the study </em><em>describe the reception of the Merunggu fan base regarding the message content of the song '33x' by Perunggu and </em><em>identify the supporting factors influencing the Merunggu fan base in their reception of the song '33x' by Perunggu.</em> <em>Stuart Hall's reception analysis classifies reception into three models: dominant position, negotiated position, and oppositional position. The dominant position aligns with the lyrical message, the negotiated position aligns with a personal understanding, and the oppositional position opposes the message. Several factors influence informants' reception of the song lyrics, including cultural factors, personal experiences, the musical approach, and religious factors. Through these two points, it is hoped to provide valuable data for similar research and to illustrate how Perunggu can understand how their fan base receives the messages in their song lyrics.</em></p> Muhammad Anhar Salim Arianto Arianto Sitti Murniati Muhtar Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Communication Sciences (JCoS) 2024-06-22 2024-06-22 6 2 10.55638/jcos.v6i2.1113 Penerapan Disonansi Kognitif dalam Resiko Komunikasi Bencana <p>Most effective disaster risk communication practices are based on the equitable distribution of crisis messages to the target population. Priority is given, for example, to conveying evacuation messages to as many people as possible using language and media appropriate to that audience. Cognitive dissonance (CD) studies, however, show that well-intentioned disaster management messages can not only generate unintended public reactions, but can also strengthen public sentiment to reject or reject the essages themselves. A review of the literature focused on the effects of gnitive dissonance on communication, disaster management will yield two tcomes. First, a re-search will show that a basic understanding of CD can p disaster communicators create more effective messages and, second, it introduce an early cognitive dissonance index (CDI) that can be easily orporated into existing crisis communication models. This "upgrade" to the ting risk communication framework is an efficient method&nbsp;of&nbsp;closing&nbsp;the loop from theory to practice and starting to take into account the power of CD in our national and international disaster communications</p> <p>Communication; Disaster management, risk analysis, crisis communication, cognitive dissonance</p> Anil Hukmah Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Communication Sciences (JCoS) 2024-06-22 2024-06-22 6 2 10.55638/jcos.v6i2.1153 Terpaan Tayangan Informasi Politik di Channel Youtube Asumsi dan Partisipasi Politik Pemilih Pemula <p><em>This study aims in general to determine the effect of political information publication on YouTube channels on the political participation of novice voters.</em> <em>The type of researcher uses quantitative research, as the name implies using the survey method. In quantitative research; Survey is a type of research that uses population surveys as a means of collecting data, while the sample in this study was 385 respondents of You Tube Channel Subcribers Assumption.</em> <em>The results of this study indicate that media exposure has a significant effect on the political participation of young voters. The results of the study obtained a significance value of 0.000 &lt;0.05, it can be concluded that Ha which states that there is an effect of exposure to political information impressions on the assumption you tube channel on the political participation of novice voters. </em></p> Ardi Ardi Raidah Intizar Yusuf Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Communication Sciences (JCoS) 2024-06-22 2024-06-22 6 2 10.55638/jcos.v6i2.1111 Implementasi Komunikasi Organisasi dalam Mengelola Keluhan Masyarakat di Kantor Dinas Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil Kabupaten Pulau Taliabu Provinsi Maluku Utara <p>This research aims to determine the implementation of organizational communication in managing public complaints at the Population and Civil Registration Service, Taliabu Island Regency, North Maluku Province. And to find out the inhibiting and supporting factors in handling public complaints at the Taliabu Regency Population and Civil Registration Service, North Maluku Province. The research method used is a qualitative descriptive research method, with data collection techniques carried out in three ways, namely observation, interviews and documentation. Apart from that, data collection also uses data analysis techniques through data reduction, data presentation and verification/drawing conclusions. The informants in this research consisted of the Head of the Taliabu Island Regency Population and Civil Registration Service, five employees of the Taliabu Island Regency Population and Civil Registration Service. and the people of Taliabu Island Regency number five people.</p> Dessyara Linea Mus Saharuddin Malik Pramudita Budi Rahayu Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Communication Sciences (JCoS) 2024-06-22 2024-06-22 6 2 Persepsi remaja terhadap shopee pay later di kota makassar <p>The purpose of this research is to find out how teenagers in Makassar City perceive the Shopee PayLater credit feature offered by the Shopee e-commerce platform. The study emphasizes how teenagers understand and incorporate these characteristics into their daily lives by using a symbolic interaction approach. The research involved 10 teenagers who actively use Shopee PayLater, aged between 17 and 19 years old. Social interactions, cultural norms, and status symbols associated with modern financial technology heavily influence teenagers' perceptions of Shopee PayLater. Most of the people who responded perceived Shopee PayLater as a useful and valuable tool that helped them manage their finances, enhanced their shopping experience, and fulfilled their life needs and could always keep up with the times.</p> Indrayanti Indrayanti Sennahati Sennahati Rintoh Rintoh Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Communication Sciences (JCoS) 2024-06-22 2024-06-22 6 2 10.55638/jcos.v6i2.1177 Pola Komunikasi Masyarakat Kajang Ammatoa dalam Menjaga Hutan <p><em>This research aims to find out the communication patterns of the Kajang Ammatoa community in protecting the forest and what are the inhibiting factors in protecting the forest. </em><em>This research method uses qualitative research and the type of research used is a case study. The informants in this study were 5 people. Data collection techniques in this study are observation, interviews, and documentation studies. Data analysis techniques used in this research are data reduction, data presentation, conclusion drawing. The results of this study indicate that the communication patterns of the Kajang Ammatoa community in protecting the forest refer to primary, secondary, linear, and circular communication patterns. </em></p> Diana Rina M Dian Muhtadiah Hamna Fitra Alim Znow Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Communication Sciences (JCoS) 2024-06-22 2024-06-22 6 2 10.55638/jcos.v6i2.1131